Creature of Habit Pale Ale - 24x Pack

Creature of Habit Pale Ale - 24x Pack

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Tropical, hoppy, balanced maltiness with a slight bitterness and refreshingly dry crisp finish. Our selected hop blend gives a juicy mouthful of stone fruits (think peaches, mango, lychee, apricot) and tropical fruits like passionfruit.

We named it Creature of Habit for its drinkability and the fact that you'll be having (at least) one a day¬†ūüėȬ†



ABV 5.4%  (pretty standard for pale ale)

IBU 33 (low-end bitterness for a pale ale)

Hops - Mosaic, Galaxy and Motueka

Malt profile - Biscuity with a slight caramel taste

Yeast profile - Clean taste that boosts hop aromas and flavours


Wild Brew Proudly Brews in Singapore